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Wall, Roof, Floor frame services in New York

STILLWELL TEAM provides full wall-roof-floor servicesin Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island.

Just 3 steps are needed for your project to come true:


1. Preparation

Call us 718.797.1991 | 718.797.1996 or email: to discuss details your project.


2. Start of work

Our team of licensed and experienced professionals will complete your project with care and attention to most minute detail.

We work with residential and commercial projects and take full responsibility for the quality and customer satisfaction.


3. End of work

Turn over finished project to the customer                                                                              

Enjoy your completed project

Order Wall/Roof/Floor frame services in New York right now!

Call us at 718.797.1991 | 718.797.1996 and let's plan a meeting!