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NYC Remodeling services

Temporary walls, Wall Partition, Seamless Walls, Freestanding bookcase dividers, Interior door options, Interior Windows options, Custom Closets, Wall painting services in New York City.

Maximize your space! Make your living space comfortable!

Stillwell Team, Inc. is a New York City General Contractor. We provide full services in the Construction and Architectural Design market.

We have accomplished more than 10,000 projects with 70% client satisfaction rate during 25 years of experience in business.

The secret of our success is simple: we offer solutions and are ready to work with any level of complexity.

We provide full range of Interior Design services, starting from design drawings and obtaining permits to interior finishing and cleaning.

Installation of Temporary Walls in New York City

Temporary walls are interior partitions that divide the room into sections. They look like regular walls without sacrificing safety and durability.

Installation of Wall Partitions in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island.

Wall Partitions are temporary walls that use pressure and adhesives instead of nails to stay in place.

Installation of Seamless Walls in New York City!

Seamless Walls - installation of solid partitions will redesign your interior space.

Installation of Freestanding Bookcase Dividers in New York City!

Freestanding Bookcase Dividers are designed to free up additional space using custom-sized bookcase units to partition space. 

Installing interior doors in different variations!

We install doors of assorted sizes and types in New York! Quality guaranteed! 

Interior Window Options

Remodeling the walls in your apartment and installing new windows!

Wall painting services in the New York area!

Our team will also finish your wall painting projects!