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Doors & Trim Services in New york

Stillwell Team has been in construction business for 25 years, consistently receiving positive feedback from customers.

One of our most popular services is Installation of Doors & Trim service in all boroughs of New York and adjacent New Jersey areas.

Our specialists are ready to fulfill projects of any complexity in an accurate and timely manner.

Types of doors we install:

Installation of front doors, entry and patio doors, Herculite doors, security doors, French doors, custom or any other type of doors, is finished with high quality hardware and guarantee quality of every installation to complete customer satisfaction.

Aluminum Doors

  • Narrow Stile
  • Medium Stile
  • Wide Stile

Fire Rated Doors

  • Hollow Metal Door
  • Honeycomb Metal Door
  • Rib Metal Door
  • Kalamein Door

Glass Doors

  • Tempering Glass Door
  • I Line profile Door
  • Patch Fitting Door

Why people choose us?

1. Twenty five years of industry experience

2. Licensed professionals

3. Friendly staff

4. High quality work

5. Affordable prices

6. Projects of any scale and level of complexity


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